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The Finger Guns Podcast Ep.65 – Laura Bailey, You’re Fantastic

Featuring A Midsummer Nights Dream, Frozen II, Hamilton and Beauty and the Beast. Oh, and video games. Enjoy.

This week on The Finger Guns Podcast Rossko, Sean, Paul and Toby dissect the weeks gaming news and get rather heated about the discourse surrounding The Last of Us Part II. We wanted to show our appreciation for voice actress Laura Bailey and her sterling work in the game. There’s not an awful lot else to say here regarding this segment, we just recommend you give it a listen.

Elsewhere we talk the recently announced Fallout TV series coming to Amazon Prime. What do we want to see from it? is there a new story to be told in the Fallout universe? We get into it.

We talk the real possibility of next-generation games starting at £70 as their recommended retail price. Are we going to spend that kind of money to play Horizon Forbidden West? Is the price of games balancing out the cost of development, we attempt to take a look at the issue a little more pragmatically.

Finally we get very sad at the fact that Futurlab’s ready to release sequel to Velocity 2X, Velocity Supernova may never see the light of day due to publishing issues. As the game has been teased by Futurlab themselves, we can only hope the game gets picked up by a publisher and become the biggest game on earth because of course it would it’s a damn sequel to one of the best games of the generation, right? Come on, publishers. Goodness.

Sean also sets a very difficult Video Game Movie Trivia Challenge, Rossko talks for an awfully long time about musical theatre and we talk hands-on with The Last of Us Part II, Fortnite Season 3, The Otterman Empire, Tower of Time, Death Come True, Neon Abyss, The Messenger, CrossCode, Hunting Simulator 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and more. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG. See you next time.

What We’ve Been Playing (00:04:50) Trivia Challenge: (00:32:02) Laura Bailey: (00:44:20) Fallout TV Series: (01:01:46) Next-Gen Games at £70 (01:09:06) Velocity Supernova (01:23:45) Trivia Challenge Answers (01:28:52) Out This Week (01:35:16)

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