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Superliminal Coming To Consoles In July

Prepare to get a whole new perspective...

Those crazy folks at Pillow Castle Games have revealed their forced perspective puzzle game Superliminal is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Switch on July 7th.

The console versions will feature brand new content such as achievements/trophies, hidden rooms and more.

For the uninitiated, Superliminal is pretty much the ultimate single-player puzzle game, messing with your perceptions at every turn, where you wake up in a rather lucid dream, each room contains a bizarre perspective puzzle, and working it out allows you to exit the room and advance to the following puzzle.

Superliminal will be up for pre-order on 30th June in Europe on Nintendo eShop, though you can pre-order now if you’re in the US.

Check out the accolades trailer below to get a feel for the mad genius of Superliminal.

Source [Press Release]

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