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The Finger Guns Podcast – Xbox Series X Showcase Reaction Special

Are the third parties bringing the shininess to Xbox Series X? You better believe it.

Goodness, that was a whole lot wasn’t it? Amongst the surprises (of which there were a few), the leak confirmations (of which there were none) and well, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (that’s gameplay in the new world, it would seem), the Xbox Series X Showcase certainly delivered on the visual end, with a solid look at various third party titles heading to the system this fall.

Rossko, Sean and Greg got together to record a reaction special to the event and you can listen to it below. There’s surprises and laughs to be had.

To confirm, this podcast has been optimised for Xbox Series X.

Enjoy the episode. You can find it on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts…basically anywhere you can find podcasts.

Right click to download the episode MP3 right here.

Theme Music – Don’t Feel (So Low) – Mid-Air Machine. | Indie Corner Jingle written and produced by Sarah Finney | Podcast Edited and Produced by Ross Keniston | Published by Podbean. 

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