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Horror adventure What Happened comes to PC in July

Horror 'experience' What Happens launches on Steam in July, Wanna know what happens in What Happened? Read on...

Genius Slackers and publisher Katnappe (heh) have revealed their brand new horror adventure What Happened, launching on Steam this July with a console release to follow at a later date.

So, what happens in What Happened? Here’s what happens in What Happened (*facepalm*. Ed)

You play as Stiles a high school student struggling with his real and imagined demons through the ‘corridors of his own mind’. What Happened has been created as a ‘reflection of the world in which cruelty often dominates at the expense of empathy’, but where ‘not all hope is lost’, in the words of the Poland-based developers.

It’s up to you to save Stiles from the forces that haunt him within the mental realm that Stiles inhabits. You’ll be solving puzzles to escape demons, offering small glimmers of hope to Stiles as he attempts to find inner peace.

That’s what happens in What Happened (*FACEPALM* – Ed)

You can wishlist What Happened here.

Source [Press Release]

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