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The Finger Guns Podcast Ep. 56 – Games of The Year (So Far) | Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Reaction | Xbox Series X Showcase Predictions

'Ah bugger, I chose three rock bands...'

This week on The Finger Guns Podcast Rossko, Sean and Greg celebrate three years of Finger Guns! It’s our birthday and we’re gonna do whatever the hell we want, and whatever the hell we want to do is record a podcast, apparently. So here it is!

This week we talk our favourite games of the year so far, and look forward to what’s ahead with The Last of Us Part II and Ghosts of Tsushima getting new release dates. We also talk our reaction to that rather stonking Assassin’s Creed Valhalla reveal trailer and one crucial change we’d add to make it even better. Are we on board for more ‘Creed That Isn’t Creed’? We discuss.

Elsewhere we talk what we could be seeing at this weeks Xbox Series X Gameplay Showcase along with our own hopes for the event, Greg talks continuing his playthrough of Final Fantasy VII Remake and jumping back into L.A. Noire, Rossko talks his ongoing adventures with Google Stadia along with Streets of Rage 4 and Moving Out while Sean talks us through every single game he’s played this week(!), including Z, Warborn, Ghost Sweeper and Deliver Us The Moon.

Finally Sean returns to the quizmaster hotseat for this weeks Activision themed Trivia Challenge and brings us a shiny new Indie Corner full of gems you won’t want to miss. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

Enjoy the episode. You can find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts…basically anywhere you can find podcasts.

Right click to download the episode MP3 right here.

Theme Music – Don’t Feel (So Low) – Mid-Air Machine. | Indie Corner Jingle written and produced by Sarah Finney | Podcast Edited and Produced by Ross Keniston | Published by Podbean. 

Team: @FNGRGNS / Rossko – @RosskoKeniston / Paul – @ThePaulCollett / Greg – @GregatonBomb / Sean – @Omac_Brother / Facebook: FingerGunsUK / Twitch – twitch.tv/fingergunsdotnet /

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