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MicroMan Announced for PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC

Honey I shrunk the protagonist in MicroMan, coming to PS5, XSX, Switch and PC in 2021.

The next-gen titles are being announced thick and fast now. First it was Quantum Error, Soulborn and Orphan of the Machine and now it’s MicroMan, an arcade adventure game about a laboratory worker that has been shrunk down to the size of an ant.

Developed by Warsaw-based Glob Games Studio, MicroMan will launch for PC via Steam in 2021 with a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Switch version to follow.

GLob Games Studio vice president Karol Marcinkowski said in a press release;

“Our new game will allow you to look at the human world from a completely fresh perspective. MicroMan will have to face adversities that the average person would not even think of. We will provide the players with a surprising, dynamic and—at the same time—very multifaceted adventure. We will be fighting rats, running away from a hedgehog, looking for a way to get on the bus, or trying to avoid getting crushed by human feet. And these are just some of the things MicroMan will offer. All this will be wrapped in stylish audio and visuals and sprinkled with a good dose of good humor.”

MicroMan is a new game combining adventure, action, and survival that will allow you to look at the human world from a completely new perspective. It will offer very diverse gameplay and a crazy, humor-filled story.

MicroMan is being developed with the single player experience in mind. The release will combine, among others, elements of action adventure, arcade, and survival games. The main protagonist is a laboratory worker who, as a result of an unfortunate incident, falls into an experimental reduction capsule and gets shrunk to the size of a small insect.

The player’s goal will be to find a way to return to his normal size. As the developers explain, the road to achieve this will not be short and easy, and the gameplay itself will be very diverse and include various interesting and surprising elements. The game will involve face-offs with powerful enemies (such as ants, frogs and hedgehogs), unusual means of transport (e.g. a butterfly), thinking how to overcome obstacles and making sure the hero is in good physical condition. The creators have also announced that MicroMan will feature decisions that will directly affect the gameplay.”

Key Features

  • A crazy story and a dynamic adventure.
  • A completely new perspective on the urban jungle.
  • A humor-rich experience.
  • Unexpected threats (such as ants, hedgehogs and rats).
  • Fighting to survive.
  • Unusual means of transport (e.g. a butterfly and a skateboard).
  • Stylish audio and visuals.

Source: Press Release

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