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New SnowRunner trailer details premium & post-launch content

SnowRunner is set to expand after launch with 4 phases of new content. Check out the new trailer.

SnowRunner, the sequel to MudRunner, is set to launch on April 28 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We’ve written about how this game will be expanding on the premise set out by the predecessor before but the latest SnowRunner trailer is detailing how this game will continue to grow after launch.

Through the season pass, SnowRunner will adds new maps, features, vehicles, mission types, and more. There’s 4 phases of content planned, each with its own theme and new region; Explore and Expand; Locate and Deliver; with a massive Expansion as the fourth phase.

Each expansion will bring new brand new vehicles and be able to explore vast new regions. Phase 1 will include a hunt for a World War 2 Bomber and Phase 2 will including the great white north of Canada, a first for the franchise. Further SnowRunner content will also allow players to explore and traverse area’s in Russia and Wisconsin.

SnowRunner Canada

The season pass content is included with the Premium edition of the game. Even if you don’t get a season pass or Premium edition however, there will still be free content coming to the game in the form of new activities, more extreme cargo, skins, trials, and more.

Pre-orders and their exclusive bonuses are available via the official store.

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