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Ministry of Broadcast overseeing new Switch release date

Ministry of Broadcast Header
A small delay means Ministry of Broadcast will still be hitting the Nintendo Switch in April - but not for physical copies.

The story-driven, personality-packed action game Ministry of Broadcast has a new release date for the Nintendo Switch. The game, which was originally scheduled to release both physically and digitally on the 28th of April, has been delayed for both instances.

Ministry of Broadcast will not launch on the Nintendo eShop digitally on the 30th of April. The physical edition of the game will now launch on May 26th.

All pre-orders of the physical edition will now come with a steel box and a retail game copy of Ministry of Broadcast for the same price of the usual version – $39.99 in the US. You can pre-order the game in the US at GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon. If you’re in the UK, you can track the game down at all the usual retailers, including GAME. If you’re on either side of the Atlantic, you can see the game on the Nintendo Store now although pre-orders don’t seem to be active there just yet.

Ministry of Broadcast

Developed in the Czech Republic by four people who share the same ideals, dreams, visions, and love for internet profanity, Ministry of Broadcast (Steam link) is a narrative-driven cinematic platformer inspired by the OG Prince of Persia and Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus.

Ministry of Broadcast embodies the spirit of classic cinematic platformers, where players need finely tuned run-and-jump reflexes as well as a healthy aversion to falling from deadly heights. To earn your freedom and reunite with your family, you must guide our hero through a series of Arenas, which are under the ever-present gaze of the Regime’s electric eye. Each hazardous, decaying environment houses an array of obstacles that you must navigate—leg-shattering drops (hope you’re not scared of heights), flaming trash barrels (with extra fire and extra stench), inconveniently located spike pits (naturally), dangling steel beams (watch for the rusty bits)—but that’s nothing compared to the fates of the poor souls you’ll meet along the way…

Ministry of Broadcast is being developed and published by PM Studios and acttil in the US. Numskull Games are publishing the game in Europe.

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