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Boundary still looks fantastic in new trailer.

Zero gravity multiplayer shooty bang bang? Yeah we're all about this. Have a nose at some new footage below;

We’re very much looking forward to Surgical Scalpels upcoming sci-fi multiplayer shooter Boundary, so much so that we’ve been covering the game for a fair while. You can have a listen (from 51:33) of our hands-on impressions of the game right here.

Today they’ve dropped a rather glorious new gameplay trailer showcasing a look at the imposing solar farm map, complete with giant reflectors so along with a look at the games new weapons and shields including the tactical shield and a re-forged AK rifle.

The unique gameplay mechanic of Boundary is that the combat takes place in zero gravity, and the trailer also focuses on different classes of Astronaut operators with a selection of different weapons from the game.

There’s still no locked down release date for Boundary so be sure to keep it locked and loaded to Finger Guns, we’ll be sharing the news once it’s out there. Floating around. Like a zero gravity astronaut with an AK rifle.

What we do now is that Boundary will be releasing on PS4 and PC, at some point this year.

Source [Press Release]

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