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Pong Quest announced for PC, Switch, X1 and PS4

A total re-imagining of the series, Pong Quest is an RPG starring the paddle from the arcade classic.

Here’s something I didn’t expect to be writing today. Pong is coming back and instead of being a straight remake the tennis arcade game, it’s coming back as an RPG!? Atari, in collaboration with developers Chequered Ink, have announced Pong Quest which promises to be a ” humorous new RPG reimagining of the flagship arcade classic PONG“.

Well. Alright then. Check out the announcement trailer here;

Featuring a customisable paddle from the iconic series, Pong Quest will pit the player against a series of dangerous dungeons, each loosely based on Atari classics like Asteroids & Centipede. You can almost hear Paul’s ear’s prick up. Pong Quest will be launching on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam this Spring.

Atari COO Jean-Marcel Nicolai had this to say;

“PONG as an RPG is something completely unexpected, but wonderful in execution. We are thrilled to bring PONG Quest to life to honor the classic IP and bring the beloved gameplay to a new generation of players and RPG fans. Atari has a rich portfolio of titles and exploring new ways to breathe new life into those franchises yields exciting results.”

Additional Key Features Include:

  • Paddle Customization: Design and personalize your own Paddle avatar with fun clothing, accessories, and more.
  • Powerups Galore: Over 50 specialized PONG balls, each with their own unique attributes, grant players the ability to make their bounce-backs fiercer than ever.
  • PONG for All: Engage in multiplayer mayhem with up to three other players, each with the ability to use specialized PONG balls, creating unpredictable twists and immeasurable fun.
Pong Quest

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