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‘Orphan of the Machine’ announced for the Xbox Series X

Inspired by Ecco and Metroid, 'Orphan of the Machine is headed to the Xbox Series X in 2020.

1-man development team Dynamic Voltage Games has announced that it’s indie aquatic adventure ‘Orphan of the Machine’ will be heading the Xbox Series X in fall 2020.

Initially confirmed by Wccftech who confirmed last week that the Xbox Series X exclusive would be running at 4K resolution and 120 frames per second, the development team today confirmed the name of the project. They also revealed the first game play footage and screenshots of Orphan of the Machine which you can see below.

While the game obviously has an aesthetic similarity to SEGA’s Ecco, Dynamic Voltage Games has said the game is more akin to Metroid in terms of game play.

A Playstation fan and bummed out by the news that Orphan or the Machine being an Xbox Series X exclusive? Because the developer is so small, it makes sense for them to target one platform at a time. There’s every chance that if the game is a success, it’ll make it’s way to other platforms.

Make sure to follow Dynamic Voltage on Twitter to keep up to date on the progress of the game.

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