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First game play footage of Rogue Company revealed

Rogue Company looks like a lot of fun in this first game play trailer.

Hi-Rez Studios and First Watch Games have released the first game play trailer for their slick cross-platform team shooter Rogue Company and it looks like a lot of fun.

Rogue Company is a hero shooter that promises an “an ever-growing roster of mercenaries, game modes, weapons and gadgets”. The game will be launching this summer simultaneously on Nintendo Switch, PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with cross-platform play.

“Taking on million dollar contracts from governments and special interests, Rogue Company is a vigilante force going where governments can’t to stop credible and imminent threats. Relying on public opinion and popular support, many Rogues embrace their newfound celebrity. Elite, sexy and paid, Rogue Company operates between the lines and on the run.”

Rogue Company is being developed by First Watch Games and this will be their debut game. The project is being headed up by Scott Lussier, the lead designer and a former Halo World Champion.

Lussier had this to say, “Rogue Company is all about bringing together a huge community of gunslingers and giving them a depth of gameplay to show off their individual style. We’re tired of grown-up shooters being overly serious. Rogue Company matches a modern, high-style universe with tight, tactical action gameplay. The alpha testers are loving it and we can’t wait to welcome more of you in as we gear up for launch”.

The game is currently in Alpha (you can apply to play it at this stage here) and is available to wishlist now on the Epic Game’s Store.

Source: [Press Release]

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