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Fights In Tight Spaces from Ground Shatter revealed

Ground Shatter's new game is revealed, and it's unlike anything we've seen from them before.

If there’s one studio we frikkin’ love here at Finger Guns, it’s Ground Shatter. After falling for their vertical fighter SkyScrappers and breach-em-up shooter RICO we were super excited to see what they would announce to the world next. Safe to say we weren’t expecting Fights in Tight Spaces, but we’re super pumped regardless.

A card-based tactical fighting game (yep), Fights in Tight Spaces combines deck-building, turn-based tactics and animated fight sequences, with a gorgeous visual style you can see below in the announcement trailer. You’ll need to learn how to position yourself with your hand and momentum working in tandem in order to take down your foes.

From the blurb;
‘Build your deck, control the space and use the environment to defeat your enemies. With an evolving roster of abilities, you must train new cards, upgrade existing ones, and find the perfect combinations to defeat your opponents and bring down criminal organisations across the world

You gotta see this trailer;

Interested? Course you are. You can join the Discord server, to play the metagame and win a chance to take part in the first beta round.

Fights in Tight Places is coming to PC and consoles this year, with publishing duties going to Mode7 (Tokyo 42, The Colonists).

Source [Press Release]

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