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Shadow Arena Beta Test Dates Confirmed

The beta is on the way, and you can sign up below.

Pearl Abyss have today confirmed their upcoming arena fighter Shadow Arena will be getting itself a beta from February 27th to March 8.

Spun off from their *enormous* RPG Black Desert, Shadow Arena is a 40-player battle to the death, with the last player standing the victor. Players can choose one of nine playable characters in the beta with their own unique fighting styles. Players will be hunting monsters and shnafflin’ loot to upgrade their gear and gain buffs. It’s easy to pick up, and hard to master as well timed-tactics are critical to secure victory.

Originally based within Black Desert, Shadow Arena will launch as its own standalone game, with its own unique style. Blending MOBA, Battle Royale and MMO genres to create something pretty unique. The game will feature two gameplay modes: solo and team. Strategic gameplay is required in team mode, with solo mode utilised as a way to hone your skills.

You can sign up to the beta here.

Shadow Arena will be released in the first half of 2020 for PC first and consoles later.

Source [Press Release]

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