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The Finger Guns Team Share A House in The Sims 4

Ever wondered what Greg gets up to in the bath?

It’s a question that’s always been on our minds ever since we all started writing and recording together, what would it be like if we all lived under the same roof?

Well, the question has somewhat been answered via the medium of The Sims 4, where Sean has created a dystopian vision of our inevitable future as a team by placing all four of us within very close vicinity of each other, giving us jobs and a single bathroom for us all to share.

What could possibly go wrong? Find out via the first stream below, where watching Greg in the bath is oddly fascinating.

You heard it here first.

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Watch FingerSims – The Finger Guns team gets Sim’d | TeamBlanket from FingerGunsDotNet on www.twitch.tv

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