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Not Tonight Comes To Switch on Brexit Day


No More Robots have confirmed that their post-Brexit set bouncer-sim Not Tonight – developed by PanicBarn – will be coming to Nintendo Switch on January 31st. Does that date sound familiar?

Yeah. You have to wonder how long the game has been complete and was just waiting for the perfect date. Ah, you gotta love No More Robots.

If you’ve not heard of Not Tonight, the politically-charged sim puts you right in the middle of a rather dystopian version of Brexit Britain, where trade negotiations failed and an extreme far-right government is in power.

UK based citizens of European heritage have been exiled, and you play as a bouncer manning the doors of pubs, festivals, parties and clubs, doing your best to scrape by on the minimal wage and hopefully round up enough coins to get back to your home.

Not Tonight is dark, bleak, uncomfortable and strangely intoxicating. Choices have huge consequences, offering you the chance to rise up against the system or just get on with your work.

Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition will land on Nintendo Switch on January 31st. The perfect game to have in your pocket whilst you ride the horse and carriage you used to call a bus on the way to your brand new employment – shifting garbage through brimstone in order to gather rations for you and your ex-wife, who still lives with you but is now married to Boris Johnson. She’s known in the Conservative quarters as ‘Thursday’.

Um, we mean…look out for much more on Not Tonight right here very soon.

Source [Press Release]

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