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Rumours are pointing to February reveal for PS5

In case you missed it, Sony are going to be skipping E3 again this year, favouring instead to hose their own shows and conferences

But do no fear Sony fans, as the Japanese giant are planning a month long event from 14 Jan to 16 Feb in to show of all things Playstation, but also to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Playstation console.

So what better place to reveal a new PlayStation console than at an event that’s celebrating a 25 anniversary? Add to that a collection of Sony bigwigs have all depended in San Francisco in anticipation of the event.

Head of World Wide Studios Herman Hulst, Sucker Punch’s head of communications Andrew Goldfarb, and indie golden child Shuhei Yoshida were both snapped in the city.

Of course this could be a coincidence, but all the ducks seem to be flying into a row, all we need now is system architect Mark Cerny and it’ll be a guaranteed cert.

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