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GTA Online Casino Heist All But Confirmed

If you think Rockstar are starting to wind down their output for the phenomenally successful juggernaught that is GTA Online, think again.

Yesterday the company posted their first tease for what looks like a heist in the newly released Diamond Casino Resort.

The tease suggests you “Score Big in Los Santos” which pretty much means that you’ll be getting your financial gains via criminal means.

Heists have been part of GTA Online for a good few years now, and since the release, it’s all been quiet on the heist front. So it’s good to see that Rockstar are still thinking of new ideas for this innovative feature.

If you follow me you’ll know I’m not a fan of the Heists. They are too rigid and structured which means though go against everything that GTA stands for. For starters you HAVE to have four players. Not three or two, but FOUR. If one dies the heist is over and you have to do it the way Rockstar tell you. I do hope this new heist lets you do things however you want. Which is what GTA is all about.

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