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Are Guerrilla Games Working on a SOCOM Reboot?

If this rumour turns out to be true, that could be huge for Sony

Rumour has it that Guerrilla Games are working on a SOCOM reboot! More specifically, it’s their second team working on the reboot boot, leaving the first team to carry on potentially making Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for PS5.

This rumour comes from insider Tidux who has apparently been nosing around a new Socom game for a while now.

The good news is that Guerrilla’s second team is headed up by ex-Rainbow Six Siege Director, so you can imagine the kind of game you could be getting if this turns out to be true.

And if it is true, this could be a hell of a launch title for PS5 given the popularity of battle royale games these days. As always, take with a pinch of salt until it gets officially announced.

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