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Pearl Abyss unveil four exciting new titles.

Pearl Abyss come out swinging with an exciting selection of new titles.

Developers Pearl Abyss have today unveiled trailers and new details for multiple upcoming titles at their Pearl Abyss Connect 2019 conference in South Korea. We’ve got the trailer for each title below;

First up was PLAN 8, and well, this trailer is pure hype from beginning to end. Check it out;

The *glorious* looking Plan 8, an exosuit MMO shooter, is set in an ‘expansive’ sci-fi world filled with mysterious storylines. Developed by Minh Le – otherwise known as the co-creator of Counter Strike – as Technical Advisor and Seungki Lee as Lead Producer. Safe to say Finger Guns Towers is rather excited about this one.

Up next was DokeV, a Digimon-esque title which features wide a variety of creatures known as the ‘dokebi’ that gain power from people’s dreams. Black Desert Online’s Animation Director Sang Young Kim is spearheading this one. An MMORPG for all the family, look out for a possible beta test in 2020.

Following DokeV was Crimson Desert. Set in a fantasy world on the continent of Pywel – you know that place, right? – this MMORPG has an interesting history. Originally set as a prequel to Black Desert, Pearl Abyss shifted gear during development and instead wrote a wholly original storyline for the game and featuring a whole new set of characters, namely a set of mercenaries fighting for their lives in the deadly Pywel region. Crimson Desert will feature online and single player content and is due for a beta test next year on console and PC. Check out the trailer below;

Finally, Pearl Abyss unveiled Shadow Arena. Again originally designed as a mode within Pearl’s jewel in the crown Black Desert, Shadow Arena became its own fantasy arena fighter. Featuring individual and team modes you’ll battle against 50 other players to be the last one standing.

The closed beta for Shadow Arena will begin from next Thursday, 11/21 through to 11/24. Register on the Shadow Arena Website here to take part.

So that’s your lot from Pearl Abyss. It appears they’re trying out some rather exciting new ideas whilst staying true to their MMORPG roots. If they’re anything like Black Desert, we’re going to have to quit our jobs just to play them all from beginning to end.

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