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Rumour: PS5 Dev Kit Photo Leaked

PlayStation 5 is happening, that's been confirmed and a surprising amount of detail has been revealed regarding Sony's next big console.

Now all we need to know is how the damn thing is going to look.

So far, as expected, the design of a console is pretty much shrouded in mystery, but this time round there have been a lot of leaks of what the PS5 dev kit will look like. I mean it’s not just one image, there are loads out there now all looking the same so there must be some truth to how it looks.

Now we have, what is apparently an actual photo of the PS5 dev kit and as you can see it looks pretty much exactly like the diagrams you may have seen.

Of course this could in fact be a Hi-Fi system from 1995, or just some artists mock up, something that always happens around this time in a new consoles lifespan. Always remember the the dev kit almost always looks nothing like the final design.

An actual photo of the PS5 Dev kit. Apparently
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