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EGX 2019: Day One – What Greg Played

The first day of a jam-packed EGX 2019 is done, and what a day it was! Here's a quick recap of what I played.

So many games, so little time… in one day. The first day started off with somehow managing to sneak in a bit earlier than expected (not intentionally, it just happened).

But what it did lead to, was playing one of the most hotly anticipated games a lot earlier than anyone else. Which also meant not getting stuck in a queue for an hour and a half.

So, short and sweet, here’s a quick recap of what I played on day one of EGX 2019…

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Considering how not on board I was about the transition to real time combat, and the looming threat of episodic content, I will quite happily admit I was wrong.

Visually stunning, as you’d expect. But the combat is handled very well: it is real time, but you can switch characters on the fly. Choosing abilities, spells or items halts gameplay, so it doesn’t fully take away from the original. Didn’t get to play the “classic” style of battle, but I am now on board with this.

Granblue Fantasy Versus

If this game looks similar to BlazBlue, or the more recent Dragonball FighterZ, then you’ll be familiar with ArcSystem’s latest one on one fighter. I wouldn’t call it a “spectacle fighter”, as there is technique and tactic to it, but it is a sight to see.

Beautiful combat, a directional based special move system and a fully animated ultra/finishing move visual appeal, it’s a major progression from the bar the last Dragonball game raised. One to watch out for.

Predator Hunting Ground

Essentially Evolve 2.0, but not as disappointing. Taking that formula from the ill-fated four versus one shooter a few years back, it focuses more on your fireteam and the mission ahead of them.

What this means is instead of ganging up on and destroying a single entity, you’re tasked with set objectives whilst under the ever-present menace of the titular monster… or so I thought. Instead, we rattled through it with no drama, whilst the chap playing as the Predator was more impressed with his jungle parkour. That being said, it’s not a detriment to the game, and is definitely one to watch.


A Metroidvania for fans of Hellraiser, in essence. Taken inspiration from elements of the Spanish Inquisition (which we’re not supposed to mention), Blasphemous is a gory hack and slash platformer, paired with the toughness of a Soulsborne title.

Whilst you could argue we’re awash with many of these kind of games, Blasphemous brings an element of dark history to the precedings. It’s out now, if you’re hankering for more after Dead Cells.

Nioh 2

Whilst the first one followed the same pattern as the first Surge, in equating challenge with relentless enemies, this one has calmed it down somewhat. Whilst the bloat of weapon and item drop still looms, it’s a vast improvement over the initial offering.

Playing this time as a character of your own choosing, story information was a bit light on the demo I played. Yet the combat was a bit more refined, still just as technical though. Sadly, can’t really elaborate on it more than that as I died and my time was up.

And so…

That’s pretty it, for day one! Had a quick blast on Zelda: Link’s Awakening on the Switch, but you don’t need me to tell what to do in a Zelda game. Besides, it’s already out, and it looks beautiful. It’s making me want a Switch now.

Sean queued for DOOM Eternal. I didn’t, I gave up after an hour of waiting. So I snuck off and had a dabble on Untitled Goose Game, also for the Switch. It is worth the hype, and also available now.

So there ya go, that was day one. There’s an accompanying podcast right here if you’d like a more in-depth discussion on what we played. Stay tuned for day two’s round up, which will be…tomorrow, surprisingly.

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