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Here are the Latest GTA VI Rumours

So, it's about time we got some new rumours regarding the juggernaught that is Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar have been enjoying huge success with GTA online, so much so that I did start to wonder if we would ever see GTA VI.

The latest rumours that have popped up on Reddit seem to suggest that the new game will be revealed in 2020 with a 2021 release date.

The rumours continue to surmise that the new locations will be both San Fierro and Las Venturas, which are Rockstar’s versions of San Francisco and Las Vegas, respectively. If you’ve played GTA San Andreas, you would have already had some experience in these locations. Apparently both these locations can be reached via airports, the map itself is said to be four times the size of GTA V, which is a staggering claim.

Not unlike Red Dead Redemption 2, there will be a prologue set in Alderney with Liberty City fully open for exploration with 15 missions set in this prologue. Although it’s not clear if you can freely travel back and fourth to Liberty City later in the game.

There are rumoured to be two protagonists this time around, male and female, two siblings from a gangster family and get kicked out of Liberty City.

Here is a list of other rumours that are doing the rounds:

  • Heavier emphasis on interiors. Nowhere near every building but there’s a mall, police stations, fast food restaurants, gas stations, things like that.
  • Two different types of gun stores. Ammu-nation sells normal guns like pistols and sniper rifles, while “underground” stores will sell crazier things like rocket launchers and satchel charges.
  • Random events are way more interesting and bountiful. I’ve seen people having a funeral at a graveyard, chasing a dog that got loose, a family camping with an RV.
  • Heists return and are largely similar, but they’re more like optional side missions.
  • Businesses/real estate are back at a larger degree, complete with their own mission lines. There’s a casino, a trailer park, nightclub, etc.
  • There are minigames like carnival games, hunting, bowling, gambling, and boat rafting down rapids.
  • A massive range of cars, as many of them would be mutated from the current GTA Online

Although all this sounds good, I really wanted to go back to Vice City. Ah well, this being a rumour and all, take it all with large pinch of salt.

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