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The Bradwell Conspiracy Reveal Trailer

A look at The Bradwell Conspiracy has arrived. Check it out below;

Fancy a conspiracy to unravel? That’s good then because you may be interested The Bradwell Conspiracy, in a new game form a team of veteran AAA developers called A Brave Plan whose talent include developers from Batman, Tomb Raider and Fable!

So what is The Bradwell Conspiracy all about then, well here is the blurb:

The player experiences the dramatic events of the game as an unnamed museum visitor stranded within Bradwell Stonehenge Museum after a sudden explosion. To escape the chaos the player must work with Amber, a Bradwell Employee trapped elsewhere in the collapsing building. Due to an injury, the player’s means of communication is sending pictures to Amber via a pair of Bradwell AR Smart Glasses. However, their escape route is a perilous one and players will soon find themselves in the depths of a hidden underground facility full of secrets.

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