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The Finger Guns Podcast Ep.24 – TellTale Reborn | Sony Is Done This Gen | Kinda Funny and Publishers

'The map's about as useful as a dildo made out of marzipan...'

This week Rossko and Sean welcome our old friend Tim Utley back onto The Finger Guns Podcast to talk the weeks news including the return of TellTale Games and what it really means, debating whether or not it’s really going to be the same without the developers who made their games as fantastic as they were. Is there a future for a TellTale that isn’t really TellTale?

We also dive into just where the bloomin’ eck Sony is and if they’re wiping their hands of this generation in preparation for what’s to come. Are they going to ditch attracting indies to the platform for PS5 much like they have on PS4? Sean argues that they’re probably not going to and passionately declares it to be a reason to perhaps not follow Sony into the next generation.

Elsewhere as Kinda Funny Games take on another paid promotion series we discuss if there’s a line that’s skewering between an Influencers responsibility to its audience and the almighty dollar. Oh, and we talk our most anticipated games for the month of September along with yet more controversy in the Trivia Challenge.

Finally we share our impressions of Remedy’s Control (one of us loves it, one of us doesn’t), Knights and Bikes, Wreckfest and Bulletstorm on Switch.

You can listen to the podcast below or grab it on SpotifyPodbean and Apple Podcasts. Alternatively, you can right-click here to download the MP3.

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