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Disney’s classic Aladdin and The Lion King titles confirmed to be returning.

We just can't wait.

After a leak yesterday evening from the Gamestop Managers Conference, Disney Games, along with distributor Nighthawk Interactive and developer Digital Eclipse have confirmed that Disney Classic Games; Aladdin and The Lion King will be returning to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC later this year.

The great circle of life!

The bundle will feature the SEGA Mega Drive, Game Boy and Super Game Boy versions of Aladdin (originally developed by Virgin Games) and The Lion King, along with the SNES version of The Lion King, which is frankly ridiculous. The arguments will forever rage on regarding which version of Aladdin is better and now they’ve just thrown them all into one collection. So that settles that!

Each version will feature difficult adjustments (thank GOODNESS), but fixes and some brand new easter eggs for fans to enjoy. Of course there’s also 1080p visual upgrades along with being able to instantly rewind any of the games.

An extra treat is the inclusion of the entire soundtracks of both games which you can play and shuffle to your hearts content.

If you’re of a certain age there’s no doubt you’ll remember these classic games, we even talk about them on the Retro Edition of the Finger Guns Podcast.

For everyone else? You’ll get to experience a whole new world.


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