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Football Manager 2020 Revealed. Trailer;

The ultimate management sim returns.

Quite honestly, it hasn’t been all that long since we shouted insults at our television watching overpaid and over-appreciated walking haircuts fail miserably at the one job they’re supposed to do at a world class level. We wanna say two days? Yeah that sounds about right. Promising the world and delivering exactly nothing is precisely what is wrong with footballers being active on social media, especially when they don’t seem to care about the result and just want the pay cheque at the end of the month. They get paid more money than we’ll ever make in our lives every week even if they lose! It’s a lovely give and take we’ve allowed them to thrive in.

We appear to have digressed. The point is if you’ve ever watched these ridiculous zealots take to the pitch, fail and think that you’re the one that can whip these idiots into shape then thankfully Football Manager is back with the follow-up to the world-dominating Football Manager, um, Football Manager 20.

Releasing early November – and as a launch title for Google Stadia – FM20 has today been officially confirmed via the trailer which you can watch below. They’re currently very quiet in regards to this iterations new features, they’ll be revealed in mid-September on the games website.

Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive had this to say in regards to the launch day release of Football Manager 2020 on Stadia;

“Football Manager on Stadia includes technology that is only available on that platform, utilising the power of the cloud and Google’s data centres to ensure that more matches can be processed in parallel utilising spare bandwidth across the whole system – this means you can have more leagues loaded into your save, or just go for a faster experience by keeping the amount of leagues the same, but having the matches process quicker than you can on any other platform.”

Football Manager 2020 (for PC, Mac and Stadia), Football Manager 2020 Touch (for PC, Mac, iOS and Android) and Football Manager 2020 Mobile (for iOS and Android) will all be released simultaneously in early November (exact date TBC). Football Manager 2020 Touch for Nintendo Switch will follow in late November.

Check out the official announcement trailer below. Can you tell the person who wrote this is a Manchester United fan?

Source [Press Release]

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