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New Patent Hints at PS5 Development Kit Design. Maybe

Take a look at the PS5....development kit. Maybe.

A bunch of Tweets are appearing on line showing off the strange looking patent form Sony. It looks like a console but we would be very surprised if it was the design of the PS5 because, well it looks a bit naff and we all know that Sony are the king of console designs. Perhaps, as the Tweets are alluding to, it could be a development kit.

I’m not entirely sure what that great big triangle is, perhaps an exhaust port of sorts to keep what’s under the hood cool. Or, it could be where the PSVR thing sits, you know, for when you take it out to plug into the new PSVR wireless headset Sony are working on. Just like the Switch Labo VR kit, only better.

Who knows, take a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

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