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Across the Grooves tells a time-bending tale on PC, Mac next year.

A beautiful interactive graphic novel is making its way to PC and Mac. Trailer and details;

Every now and then we come across a gorgeous looking indie game and shout out at the very top of our lungs…*cough*…THIS IS OUR JAM. Once again we can confirm the statement was shouted upon seeing the trailer for Across the Grooves, a narrative experience with a graphic novel-esque visual style from French developers Nova-box.

You take on the role of Alice, a woman who lives in the heart of Bordeaux in a long term relationship and has a job and an apartment and appears to have a steady life until a parcel arrives one day – a vinyl record from Alice’s ex love, Ulysse.

As the needle sets into the grooves she is thrown back into her past to relive defining moments, discovering that her present day existence has completely changed.

Across the Grooves sounds like the kind of game we will get stuck into, with a beautiful story at the heart of this time-bending tale full of alternate realities. The narrative aspect of the game features branching dialogue options, allowing you to discover Alice’s choices in a very personable kind of way.

Yes. We’re on board. Check out the stunning trailer below.

Across the Grooves is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux early 2020, launching in both English and French. You can now wishlist it on Steam.

Source [Press Release]

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