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Ubisoft Rumoured to be Working on an Open-World Tron Game

Wouldn't this be just the best? If recent Reddit rumours are to be believed, The French developers are hard at work on a Tron open-world game!

Being from Reddit you have to take it with a pinch of salt. The game is said to be in the making at Ubisoft’s Shanghai divison for the past three years. The new Tron game will be a single player RPG with co-op functionality with an online world that is connected, which sounds just like the mulitplayer aspet of the Watch Dogs series. There will be heavy emphasis on verticality and different transportation including light bikes and Jet packs. Combat will be skill based (whatever that means)

The game is said to be BIG and will appear on both current and next-gen machines with the visual style being taken from teh recent Tron: Legacy film.

Having played the Tron-esque races in GTA V, which were great fun, there is scope for this new Tron game to be awesome. It also sounds a lot like  this could be the game that finally blends Assassin’s Creed Gameplay with Watch Dogs gameplay.

Production is set to ramp up with a release looking like 2021

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