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Destroy All Humans! Collector’s Editions Revealed

Do you remember that famous but not so famous game Destroy All Humans? It was a silent hit on the PS3 and Xbox 360 that hit in 2005

Not too long ago THQ revealed they were in the process of remaking Destroy All Humans (see the announcement trailer below)

Now the collector’s editions have been revealed and come in two different flavours. Both are up for pre-order right now from the games website. However before you head over there and in rapid anticipation, you should know that the ultimate Crypto-137 edition weighs in at a whopping $399.99. For this, you get 23″ Crypto figurine, a Crypto backpack, a keychain, six lithographs, and an anti-stress toy with popping eyes. Oh, and you get a premium box as well.

The second edition, which is less expensive but still a hefty lump comes in at $149.99 and comes with a keychain, six lithographs, and anti-stress toy in a premium box, as well as all in-game Crypto skins, and a 9″ Crypto’N’Cow figurine.



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