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Well, Exception just rocked our Monday morning. Trailer, release date:

Transforming platformer comes out of nowhere and steals our heart, check out the trailer;

It’s pretty amazing in this industry how a video game can come out of nowhere and immediately sky-rocket to the very top of your most wanted list. Exception is um, no exception.

A neon-infused platformer created by a single human being known as Will Traxler, Exception appears to be something completely unique with its transformation mechanic where levels can rotate and move, creating exciting gameplay options, along with two-hours of synthwave music. 2D in a 3D world, this is what we love. Pure original platforming.

Will Traxler, the Founder of Traxmaster Software;

“As an avid gamer myself I’ve found that platforming games have gradually become more and more difficult, so I decided to create something new for the genre – Exception gives players the opportunity to choose your own play style and reward you for it. I am really looking forward to the release and hope everyone will enjoy this fresh twist on the platforming genre!”

Check out the rather brilliant trailer below. Exception lands on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on August 13th. Look out for much more on the game from us very soon.

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