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Football Drama revealed for Steam and mobiles.

Lost the championship, win the game. Welcome to Football Drama.

Open Lab Games Football Drama looks like a fever dream we may have had after staying up far too late watching Match of the Day, yet here we are. A narrative strategy game based on karma and chaos, where the smallest choices will have massive consequences towards its multiple endings.

Take a look at the trailer and see for yourself how this is not Football Manager.

Inspired by the ‘literature around football’, Football Drama puts you in the shoes of Rocco Galliano, the manager of a struggling football team who is ‘existentially challenged’. Your tasked with training players, driving the story and play turn-based matches via tactical cards.

Pietro Polsinelli, Director of Open Lab Games;

“Never a great football fan, by chance I discovered some beautiful literature about football, and so I asked myself: could this inspire a new take on what is a videogame on football.

Football Drama was inspired by the poets, writers and movies depicting football’s epic and poetry, as we wanted a voice in gaming that would take that same perspective. A narrative game was the perfect form for it because of writing’s expressive power and the match and championship management system elevates the story and challenges of football with a strategic component.”

It’s all sounding rather fascinating, we’re always open to a twist on the football management genre and this certainly sounds like a twist on the formula.

Add the game to your wishlist on Steam here; Football Drama is due for release on Steam, iOS and Android on September 18th.

Source [Press Release]

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