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Watch Dogs Legion has Five Main Storylines

Watch Dogs Legion is defiantly a technological innovation, I mean playing as a bazillion different characters is definitely mind boggling

But one lingering question that has been on my mind since the reveal at E3 and that is how will the main story work. How will gamers get to connect with the hero considering there are loads of them. Well it turns out that Watch Dogs legion will answer these questions in the way of having five different story lines.

in a recent interview with game design director Kent Hudson he revealed:

So yeah, our story. You know, first off– I know “play as anyone” is kind of a crazy technological innovation with the simulation we’ve done, but story is still a huge part of the game, it’s a huge part of the franchise and this game is no different. We’ve got five different storylines in the game, so it’s five main– you could call them quest lines if you want. And each one of them is tied to one of our thematic pillars.

If you couple that with the quite amazing sounding Census system then Watch Dogs Legion is set to be a bit ground-breaking. The interview with Spiel Times is fascinating and well worth a read.

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