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Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot Will Be R Rated

Does anyone remember the original Mortal Kombat Movie? it was full on 90's camp, but strangely is considered perhaps the best movie from a game

In case you have forgotten, here is the original trailer to remind you.

It’s not that it was a terrible movie, I quite liked it, the main problem with it was, that it was rated PG13,  odd considering the game was made famous by all the blood and gore. The new movie is set to change all that by being R rated as revealed by the screenwriter. The new movie will be produced by James Wan, director of Saw and Aquaman, and is expected to be directed by first time director Simon McQuoid and will be released by Warner Brothers Studios.

Mortal Kombat is a game that’s meant to be dark, the web series that was released a few years back seemed to have nailed it. I have always wondered why it wasn’t turned into a film. I hope the reboot takes a leaf or two from their book.



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