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The Irregular Corporation brings Dinkum to PC next year.

A very sweet little life sim is coming to PC via The Irregular Corporation

If there’s one particular genre we like here at Finger Guns, it’s a good old life sim. You only have to ask Rossko and he’ll corner you for hours over the time he’s lost to the likes of Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and The Sims. Now those pleasant folk over at The Irregular Corporation is brings Aussie-inspired simulator Dinkum to PC next year.

Nosing at the blurb, Dinkum allows players to live out the island life set in a land not too dissimilar from the Australian outback and tasks you with building houses, growing your own communities and navigating country landscapes.

You’ll be chilling in billabongs, uncovering treasure in ‘tropical eucalyptus forests’ and getting to know the Australian wildlife. Enormous deadly spiders that can kill you with a single stare may or may not be included, we are yet to confirm this.

There are also survival elements included such as surviving the head of the desert whilst hunting for food. Basically stay alive in a place where everything wants to kill you. Yup, it’s definitely set in Australia.

James Bendon, solo developer of Dinkum;

“I’ve been playing around with the basic idea of Dinkum for a couple of years. I’m a big fan of cozy life-sim games and I’ve always wanted a game where you can live in a town that you’ve built from the ground up.

I had the rare opportunity to follow my dream – to create and release my own video game. Not far into development, I decided to base the game’s setting on the Australian landscape. As a local, I took a road trip across Australia and was inspired by the vast red deserts and native bushlands. Now, after nearly 2 years of full-time development, I’m very excited to be working with The Irregular Corporation to officially announce Dinkum!”

Ah, it all looks delightful. Take a look at the rather lovely trailer below and be sure to get it on your Steam wishlist. Dinkum is due in Q2 2020.

Source [Press Release]

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