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Here are your latest Grand Theft Auto VI Rumours

it's been a bit quiet on the GTA front of late. GTA V Online is still going strong with regular updates. So much so, that when I turned it on the other day I felt completely lost. And I thought I was one of the ones who had kept up to date!

And of course there has been that other Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption, which seems to be doing ok, but that also doesn’t seem to be on the radar too much anymore. Anyway, back to the rumours.

Reddit has been back in action supplying the latest rumours. Well, more specifically JackOLantern1982 has been doing some digging apparently. “a very dear friend who works for Rockstar,” and “two game journalists who worked for prominent online gaming publications.” have been leaking a few bits of information.

The first bit of news and this is probably the more substantial, rumour has it that GTA VI will be set in Vice City along with one other South American area. This isn’t the first time Vice City has been mentioned in rumours regarding the next GTA game. In fact, pretty much every rumour has mentioned Vice City in some way. Could this be something substantial or just wishful thinking?

The rest of the rumours aren’t so appealing. According to the rumours you’ll play as an

“up and coming drug lord-wannabe named Ricardo with a supporting character Kacey being ‘a part of the narrative’ as a key character. Ricardo starts as small-time cocaine smuggler operating his run from Vice City to a South American area, where the new location is going to be. As you progress through the game, Ricardo will make connections with big-time drug lords across multiple cities, and places, one of the locations includes a large prison as its set piece.”

This sounds almost like a clone of GTA 6 and so generic I can’t see Rockstar ever going with it. The rumours continue regarding the inventory will work (about time) according to the sources there will be no weapon will but can only carry what you can carry. So no pulling a rocket launcher out your back pocket. This would make sense considering Rockstar’s stupid ethos of making things as real annoying as possible.

The final bit of news is that you will get to build your own drug empire like you can in Vice City Stories and that it will only be available on next-gen consoles.

As ever this is all speculation rather than confirmation so take it with a Galactus sized grain of salt. You can read the full list of rumours here

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