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[Rumour] Is this the new Switch Mini?

There has been a lot of talk on the internet this week regarding a new remodeled Switch, partly thanks to Sean Davies and his unfathomable knowledge, and thanks to a few GAME retailers outing some accessories for the unannounced Switch Mini.

Along with some mock-ups that have appeared,  showing cases and a mock-up of what the Switch Mini could look like, a new render has appeared from the same sources. The render you see below is from Chinese gaming accessory maker HonSon.

No, I haven’t heard of them either, but if accessory makers are making accessories it’s because they have some information, so you know, they know what to make and what size. So there could be some weight to these rumors. Also worth noting, if this render is to be believed it looks like the Switch Mini is a single stand-alone hand-held console, the controller sections look like they are all part of the screen unit and not detachable like the Oringal Switch.

Food for thought, but given the quick demise of Sony’s excellent Vita hand-held, It would be a brave move for Nintendo. Or, it could just be some chump who’s doing a college project.

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