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Spanish GAME Website Leak Switch Mini accessories

If you have been listening to our most excellent podcast, you would have heard a conversation we had about the life-span of the Nintendo Switch. The Knowlege that is Sean Davies claimed the Switch had, at best a year left.

If this latest rumor is to be believed Sean might be quite close to the truth. A recent listing on the Spanish GAME site (since been removed) has shown products for the Switch Mini, a console that has yet to be announced.

It seems that momentum is gathering pace that Nintendo are working on a new version of the Switch. In fact, some sources are starting that two versions are in the works, the Mini which is a more mobile-friendly version, and a more powerful Pro version. Some of the items on the site included a transparent case, a protector film, and a  ‘Switch Mini Pack GAMEware’ which is probably some trashy branded thing.

Until Nintendo come out and announce a new console, take all this with a pinch of salt. Let us know in the comments your thoughts about having two versions of a Switch.

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