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Pawarumi heads to Switch and Xbox One next month

There's a new bullet hell shmup on the block. Check out the first trailer for Pawarumi.

The Nintendo Switch and Xbox One is only gone and got itself a brand new bullet hell shoot em up called Pawarumi at the end of next month. July 24th, to be precise.

Pawarumi – which is delightfully fun to say out loud -, created by French developers Manufacture 43 is an ‘electric, neuron reactive, 3D shoot-em-up’ set in a ‘futuristic yet pre-Columbian’ inspired universe. Yes. It’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

The game mechanic is said to be inspired by rock-paper-scissors, allowing the players to maximise damage, heal the shield or charge attacks, simply by shooting with the optimal weapon on the right enemy type.

It all looks and sounds utterly barmy, which means we’re completely in. Check out the release trailer below and look out more more on Pawarumi very soon.

Go on, say it out loud. It’s fun isn’t it?

Source [Press Release]

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