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Snooker 19 – The Finger Guns Livestream

Sean and Rossko talk you through the ins and outs of Snooker 19, available today.

We said we’d get back streaming, and lo and behold look what happened.

Last night Rossko and Sean took to Twitch to have a quick tournament on Lab 42’s Snooker 19, available today on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had a code for the game so we both jumped on and put the online PVP through its paces. Safe to say it didn’t go particularly well for Rossko but Sean’s definitely cheating.

Throughout the stream we were answering questions about the game and anything people wanted to know. We did our best to answer as much as we could and felt rather informative, which for us is quite rare, believe it or not. Consumer advice!

We had a blast playing through the game last night and if you’re interested it’s now available. Check out the full stream below and hopefully we would have answered any questions/concerns you may have had about the game. We go pretty deep.

Watch Snooker 19 and Chill | S&R | FingerGuns from FingerGunsDotNet on www.twitch.tv

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