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Sony have just dropped the first PlayStation 5 details.

Small pieces of info have just been revealed for Sony's next-gen system, and it's all sounding rather interesting...

So we’re just chilling on a quiet Tuesday afternoon when Sony decides to drop a bunch of information about their next-gen console.

It doesn’t have a name just yet, but for the sake of everyone let’s just call it the PS5.

In an article with Wired, Mark Cerny has revealed what we can expect in the next-gen Sony camp. Here’s the biggest reveals in bullet-point form, I know you don’t have time to read much else. Remember Sony themselves have said this, so be sure to actually believe these things.

  • Backwards Compatible with PS4
  • Will feature an SSD drive at the request of developers, to ensure super-fast loading times
  • It WILL have a disc drive
  • Will be able to run the current PlayStation VR headset (though a new one could be in the works)
  • The PS5 will deliver ‘fundamental changes in what a game can be’.
  • Has a new CPU and a new GPU. Effectively it’s got more stuff that makes better pictures.
  • Enhanced audio via ‘3D sound’.
  • Supports 8K resolution. 8K. That’s like 4K, but..like, more.

It would seem we’re still a way getting a full reveal of the system, with Sony dropping out of E3 and everything but rest assured we’ll be there the second they do.

What do you think?

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