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Very Little Nightmares coming to iOS

One of the finest non AAA games I have played on PS4 was Little Nightmares, a puzzle platform based in a creepy world of the Maw who's child protagonist was called Six

Critically acclaimed for its atmosphere and graphics Little Nightmares has been embedded in my Ps4 Collection since launch .

Now, Namoc Bandai have announced that the game, or a least a variation of the game will be coming to mobile in the shape of Very Little Nightmares.

Very Little Nightmares is an original, suspense-filled puzzle adventure game featuring a unique art style designed specifically for mobile devices.

Acting as a prequel to the original game, players will be able to learn more about central character Six’s backstory as they seek to survive The Nest. Players must traverse this terrifying place and avoid the notice of terrifying new enemies if they’re going to escape alive.

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