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Days Gone – First Look at the Size of Its Map

This is going to zom-be a good one.

I do love me an open-world game. Ignore my moans about the genre being overly saturated and how I long for a single player linear adventure. Ignore all that because no matter how I feel, I always get excited for a new open-world game.

One game on the horizon is Days Gone. Sony Bend’s ambitious open-world zombie-em-up. While most of the attention has rightly been focused on those hoards of zombie-like creatures, the open-world in which these foes inhabit seems to be a side thought.

For me I’m just as interested in the world I’ll get to explore as I am the amount of creatures I’ll be fighting. I mean if the world is drab and dull, the game will ultimately be the same. An important factor in making an open-world game is the size of the map. Not being one to promote this aspect of the game, it’s nice to see that we finally have a screenshot of the map for Days Gone, and from the looks of things, it’s pretty big

It’s not the clearest image, but it does show that all the map may not be not be available from the start, with gamers maybe requiring vantage/synchronise point to get the most from it.

Days Gone is one of the year’s big games coming to PlayStation 4. Fingers crossed it doesn’t turn out to be the shitstorm that Anthem is, another of this year’s early disappointments.

Days Gone launches exclusively on PS4 on April 26th.

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