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Ground Shatter’s RICO finally has itself a release date.

Ground Shatter's Breach-Em-Up finally has a release date.

It feels like a long time since we first heard about RICO, Ground Shatters vastly different follow up to their cracking vertical brawler SkyScrappers, from the initial reveal to finally getting our hands on the game at EGX we now finally have word on when the ‘breach-em-up’ multiplayer shooter is going to drop onto our consoles and thankfully, it’s not that far off and we’re a bit excited.

First up, the PlayStation 4 gets RICO on March 12 with the Xbox One version following the day after. March 14th sees RICO arrive on Nintendo Switch.

Have a nose at our impressions of the game;

With a concept as intriguing as building an experience around the slow-motion breaching mechanic, something that never gets old in Call of Duty, it’s going to be interesting to see how the game develops from the small section we played. I’ve got absolute faith in Ground Shatter to ensure the whole experience allows for different tactics the further you move on, particularly in the sense that as you tear through each level you’re definitely not short on ammo, so it’ll be interesting to see just how you can get the jump on your enemies before they get a chance to shoot back. Stealth is not particularly the order of the day but just going in guns blazing may work in the early levels, I’m curious to see how the game differentiates the mechanic as the game continues.

We can’t wait. Is that coming across?

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