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Third and final A Plague Tale: Innocence webisode arrives

The third and final episode focuses on the evil rat plague swarming through medieval France.

The third and final look behind the scenes of the hugely exciting A Plague Tale: Innocence is now available, ahead of the games’ full release on May 14th this year.

The third episode of this webisode series, Children of the Plague focuses on the vicious rat plague that swarms medieval France, acting as the games primary antagonist, haunting young protagonists Huge and Amicia.

Death and disease follow in the wake of the plague rats, and not one person – clergy, persecutor, royalty, or peasant – is safe. While for Asobo rats were second to the main characters and the narrative focus, they became an integral part to the game’s structure and a core part of the experience, influencing every aspects of the design. The inquisition has begun to fight back, and their equipment is specific for stopping the plague, using light and armour to keep the rats at bay.

You catch up with Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here.

Source [Press Release]

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