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Anthem: Freeplay, World Events, Maps Footage

Another look at some Anthem VIP Demo gameplay, this time Freeplay, world events, maps and more.

We’ve been running around Anthem a fair bit today, particularly now it seems a little easier to get into a game and explore this vast world that BioWare have been so busy creating.

Safe to say, it’s a rather beautiful world that they’ve built for Anthem, and we jumped out of the available missions to go for a fly around and discover what’s on offer away from the main campaign. Particularly the world events, available in various open spaces across the map, similar to Destiny’s open world exploration events. You even get a nice little loot box to power through once it’s complete! Result.

There’s plenty to see and we’ve got plenty of footage below. It seems like there’s going to be plenty to be getting end with when Anthem launches on February 15th.

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