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Anthem: 25-ish Minutes of Mission Gameplay

Have a nose at some raw VIP Demo gameplay.

It took a while – hours and hours, in fact – but we finally managed to sneak into the Anthem VIP Demo that’s currently live this weekend. After the sheer insanity of the server destruction EA suffered in the opening hours of the launch – including a bizarre ‘infinite loading’ title screen that would do nothing but cycle players back over and over again without allowing them access. It was a joyous time, and not particularly a great advert for the game as a whole.

But we got there in the end. At the horrendous time of 3am GMT (the demo opened eight hours before that, to give you some context), Rossko finally got a game in, and you can watch some of the raw footage we captured below of one of the missions available in the demo.

Safe to say, we had a good time with it. There’s evidently still a few things to iron out, and we’re not expecting great things from launch day server access judging by this demo (though EA giving away a ton of keys for a private beta may have been slightly unwise), but there’s plenty to get excited about.

Have a nose at what we played below, captured on a PS4 Pro;

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