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A Plague Tale: Innocence developer diary digs deep

A deep dive into A Plague Tale? Yes please.

Focus Home Intertactive’s A Plague Tale: Innocence has gone and got itself a developer diary, and it still looks truly beautiful.

You play as Amicia, a girl and her brother Hugo surviving the harsh world of 14th century France, with the Black Death in rats scowering the city. It’s up to Amicia and Hugo to survive. We’ve been anticipating this one for a while and we can’t wait to explore this story on its release on May 14th.

Ahead of that though will be a series of webisodes delving into the development of A Plague Tale, with the first focusing on the two main characters. There’s also new footage features and a closer look at the dark world you’ll inhabit in the game.

Source [Press Release]

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