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Resident Evil 2 feeds the nostalgia with retro character models

All hail polygon Claire Redfield.

The lovely looking Resident Evil 2 remake is mere days away now – something we’re persistently reminded of in the FG Slack, thanks to Greg – and ahead of release we’re getting an idea of some neat little extras Capcom have thrown in for the hardcore fans of the original game.

Capcom have revealed some post-release skins that will available for free from 22nd March, namely PS One polygon versions of game protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, to squeeze every inch of your nostalgia based heart even more.

Also if you happen to be reading this in Japan (firstly, hello there), if you grab a certain Biohazard PSN voucher you’ll grab instant access to the suits, though we’re currently unsure if the offer will also be available in other territories.

This is very cool. Greg is going to lose his little mind.

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